Body Type Aquarius Man Likes in Women

Is your heart singing the melodies of love for an Aquarius man? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place! Here we are about to unveil the secrets of winning an Aquarius man. So, keep reading ahead. 

The Zodiac sign Aquarius is like a breath of fresh air, unpredictable yet pleasing. They attract attention wherever they go, even without trying. But they might not be ready to reflect the same. 

Catching an Aquarius man’s gaze is difficult. They are often unsure of their emotions and the importance of a connection. Thus putting many ladies in the maze of questions like;

Signs an Aquarius man secretly likes you? or, What does an Aquarius man find physically attractive? 

Well, don’t worry. You will get all your doubts solved in this article. 

What Body Type Does an Aquarius Man Like?

The biggest misconception about dating an Aquarius man is you can win him over by “just looks”. You might be eager to know an Aquarius man’s favourite body part in a woman, but there is hardly something like that. 

Aquarius Man Likes

An Aquarius man is more interested in a woman’s behavior than her appearance. Having said that, we don’t mean the way you carry yourself will not impact his liking or disliking of you. But there are certainly some ifs and buts associated with it. 

Below is a listicle of physical characteristics an Aquarius man finds attractive that you may love to know. 

#1 Diverse

Since many ladies are hung up on what body type an Aquarius man likes? For them, the answer is – All. 

Aquarius men don’t have a particular preference for body types. They admire diversity. They might find women of various shapes and sizes to be attractive.

If you consider your body to be imperfect, slightly out of proportion, too big, too thin, skinny, or fat, they all might catch the attention of an Aquarius man. What you think is not ideal, may come out as the absolute perfect for an Aquarius guy.

Certainly, Aquarius admire those who value their uniqueness and aren’t scared to stand out.

#2 Flexible

What’s next on the list? It is the flexibility of your body. 

Regardless of your body type, a flexible body will always attract Aquarius men. So, showcase your flexibility if you have it.  If you are good at yoga or gymnastics, you can be the right match for him.

However, even if your body isn’t capable of twists, turns, and stretches. Relax! You can get better at it with time.

Aquarius men appreciate sharing their passion for adventure and physical activity with their partners because they are frequently active themselves. 

You can try going out on Yoga sessions with him. He will enjoy seeing you wriggle yourself into challenging positions. 

Test your capabilities, and you’ll notice that your “not-so-sure love interest” is slowly falling for you. 

#3 Unique

Aquarius and their love for eccentricity are inseparable. Sometimes, Aquarius males can be a touch strange. Implying they won’t have the same tastes as everyone else.

He doesn’t always find himself drawn to those deemed to be beautiful. What he searches for is uniqueness. The unconventional may be more appealing to an Aquarius man than the traditional.

Wear clothing that flatters your figure, but don’t be afraid to experiment with looks that other people might find odd. 

If you don’t stick to trends, this might catch an Aquarius man’s eye. He appreciates individuals who challenge the norm. 

Put your creativity to work. Be bold if appropriate and make yourself stand out among the crowd. 

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#4 Fit

Fitness is another aspect that you can’t miss if your goal is to reach an Aquarius man’s heart. They value a healthy body over anything else. 

If you have the finest curves and a gorgeous figure but don’t have apt strength, an Aquarius man might not feel interested in you. 

An Aquarius man is a natural explorer and he loves doing adventurous things in life. Therefore, he looks for a mate who shares a similar passion for novel situations, people, and perspectives. 

He will likely fall for a lady who is up for unplanned experiences, willing to explore the uncharted, and is strong and brave. 

Therefore, it’s high time for you to switch to a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious food, and do loads of physical activity. Because that’s how you will get the man. 

#5 Confident

Lastly, we have the star of the show! Confidence. A confident woman who accepts her flaws is hugely preferred by an Aquarius man. 

When it comes to physique, he truly has no preference, but he does admire people who are comfortable in their skin.

If you want to keep an Aquarius man hooked on you, confidence is crucial. Even if there are aspects of yourself that you dislike, keep going. 

Because as we mentioned earlier, the flaws of yours, that you feel insecure about, may draw an Aquarius man’s attention, if presented with self-belief.

He will become more attracted to you if you have your interests, principles, and worldview. 

He might even find your varied oddities fascinating! Don’t be afraid to display your individuality at every opportunity because this star sign finds it incredibly alluring when you have a strong sense of independence. 


So, what’s up ladies? Have all doubts cleared?

We poured every bit of astrological knowledge about the likes, dislikes, and interests of an Aquarius man. And we hope this might help you in making your way to his heart. 

Now, all you need to do is be your authentic self and use the tiny tips we suggested in the blog to win the love of your man. 

Do not forget, that an Aquarius man admires unusual beauty, loves bodies of all shapes, and finds fitness and flexibility attractive, but the key is confidence. Therefore, shine bright, stand out from the crowd, and get the man. Best of Luck!

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