Body Type Virgo Man Likes in Women

What a Virgo male is attracted to? If you’re thinking this right now then destiny has brought you to the right place! Efficiency and intense care are two traits that define a Virgo man’s personality.

A Virgo man is exceptionally intellectual, adventurous, and diligent. He bases his conclusions on logical reasoning and his capacity for problem-solving. However, when it comes to finding a Virgo man lover, he might also put his heart into action rather than just using his mind. They do not act out of lust. They are drawn to physique types they believe to be healthy and youthful.

Virgos have a reputation for being choosy if they’re looking for their ideal woman. Their preferences for women may differ from one another, still, there are always a few characteristics that they all find attractive. Read ahead as here are the details of what a Virgo man’s ideal woman looks like!

What Body Type Does a Virgo Man Like?

Virgo is often linked with good health and well-being. Therefore, he is more attracted to women who appreciate physical fitness and understand health-related issues. He places personal hygiene above all else and is drawn to those who are well-groomed and appear presentable.

Body Type Virgo Man Likes

Well, keeping the basics aside, we must tell you that in terms of physical appeal, Virgos have certainly, unique choices. Here’s what a Virgo male finds physically attractive in a woman. 

#1 Slim Body

Slim Body is the first preference of any Virgo male. He wishes to completely encircle you whenever he hugs you. He appreciates the sensation of holding you in his arms. Also, Virgo men like lean and toned physiques. They value the muscle tone that comes with exercising and remaining active.

Here, it’s important to consider that Virgos are logical. They are aware that not all thin and not all curvaceous ladies are healthy. Therefore, even though they are initially drawn to thin women, they will ultimately stay with a healthy woman regardless of her size or form. 

#2 Flat Chest

The size of a woman’s chest matters for the majority of men on this earth. But Virgos can be an exception for having least to no physical attraction towards a woman’s chest. The reason is he does not objectify women. A Virgo man will be more drawn to your mind and won’t even be aware of any sexual cues you may be sending him through your body language.

Showing cleavage and wearing revealing clothes can be a turn-off for Virgos. They prefer flat-chest women more than voluptuous women as they find them classic and elegant. He also respects ladies who make an effort to flaunt their bodies without being overly obnoxious about it. 

#3 Long Hands & Fingers

Virgo men enjoy using their hands for manual labour and find long, delicate hands seductive. A Virgo man would therefore pay close attention to your long fingers and hands. He gets excited if your hands are especially long or if you have long, delicate fingers.

However, the Virgo man will probably flee if he notices that you have unclean nails. He would probably assume that your other physical habits are also bad if he notices that you don’t wash your hands properly. Virgo men keep their own hands exceedingly clean and well-kept. Therefore, they usually expect their partner to maintain the same level of hygiene by keeping their hands well-manicured and soft. 

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#4 Short Height

Virgos have a thing for short-height women. So, if you’ve always felt insecure about your short height, don’t worry as your Virgo partner will embrace you in his adorable hug. Men born under this sign favour thin, petite features over huge ones on a woman.

A Virgo man would prefer to date a woman who is petite or reaches his chest. Interestingly, he also has an unjustified attraction to small-footed ladies. He may quickly fall in love with a woman if he sees her delicate feet and face. Surely, a Virgo man wouldn’t look at any average foot length. However, if he saw a woman wearing big shoes or having enormous feet, he would be a little disappointed.

#5 Youthful Skin

Women with youthful, doll-like looks are what Virgo men long for. They feel less intimated by women who appear younger than their age. Use light makeup to distract attention from any imbalances or blemishes that you may naturally have on your face. But don’t go overboard.  Virgo men dislike it if you make significant changes to your look. On the contrary, he respects the effort his partner makes to ensure her well-being, both mentally and physically. 

Therefore, don’t slack off on your morning routine if you want a Virgo by your side. Follow a consistent skincare ritual to keep your skin clean and glowing. 


While Virgos strive for perfection, they are not shallow. Virgo males do not immediately notice a woman’s appearance. If they do, they usually find a healthy and petite-figure woman attractive. A Virgo man’s ideal woman has balanced features and youthful skin. Although, when a Virgo guy falls in love, he frequently overlooks the flaws of the human body.

So, even if you don’t have the body type Virgo man likes, it doesn’t matter in the long run. Being self-sufficient and independent is enough to enchant a Virgo man. He finds it beautiful when a woman shows great compassion and consideration.

The biggest turnoff for a Virgo male is deceit or a lack of moral character. You should therefore be genuine around this sign if you want to keep him interested in you.

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