Body Type Capricorn Man Likes in Women

Are looking for an answer to a Capricorn man’s favourite body part? Look no more! You’ll get all the roads to a Capricorn man’s heart here. 

Earth signs, (our Capricorn is also the one among them!) are reserved, steady, rooted, realistic, and trustworthy. These individuals are known for their desire, hard work, and determination to succeed. 

So, it is pretty much obvious, why a Capricorn man caught your attention. And now you want him to feel attracted towards you, physically or emotionally. Well, Ladies, we have got all you want! Just read ahead and you’ll know.  

What is Capricorn Attracted to Physically?

Physical attraction is the first level in any love game. For Capricorns, it also starts with observing the outer beauty of a woman. So, health, body figure, personality, or clothing, what it could be that he notices at his one glance? Here’s the list for you…

Body Type Capricorn Man Likes

#1 Legs of a Woman

If you want to know, what body part does Capricorn rule? It’s the knees, skeletal, and joints! And probably, this is the reason why Capricorn guys find well-structured lower bodies of females attractive. 

If your legs are muscular and well-defined, your Capricorn partner will love it. Keep the area moisturized and smooth, doing so will leave a good impression on him as he will think that you pay attention to even the slightest aspects of your appearance. 

To make him like you more, you can try wearing high heels. These will give you a bit extra height, helping you to strut more boldly while showcasing your legs.

Wearing jeans or trousers that fit you well can also draw attention to the natural shape of your legs. A makeup tip If you plan to go without tights and wear shorts or a skirt, applying tan or foundation to highlight your legs will work like magic. 

#2 Healthy Body Type

Capricorns are seen as practical and goal-oriented, which may influence their potential for physical attraction. They naturally gravitate toward people who lead a healthy lifestyle and are physically fit. 

Notably, the definition of a healthy woman is different for a Capricorn man than many would perceive. The healthy traits for him are having smooth and clear skin, shiny hair, a well-nourished body, and an active personality. 

The fact that you can keep up with your Capricorn partner when the two of you go out will show him that you are physically fit. 

Moreover, while on dates, if you give preference to healthy dining, he will find it attractive. Capricorn men appreciate ladies who don’t smoke and drink in moderation. 

They would rather be with a lady who takes care of herself and seems healthy than one who has that petite physique and ideal curves. Make sure to look after your body if you want your Capricorn man to notice you.

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#3 Feminine Body Type

What do Capricorn men like the most? A woman with feminine features. Owning to the authoritative and protective personality of a Capricorn man, he wants his woman to be feminine and graceful. 

Stereotypical feminine traits like long hair and bright skin are attractive to a lot of Capricorn men. However, this is not the only way to appear feminine in front of a Capricorn man. There are undoubtedly many different ways to develop a feminine appearance or demeanor.

On your dates, you may try giving him compliments, smiling at him, and giving him a tender touch. If you both are not on talking terms yet, you can call for his attention by asking him for help.

It would start small by requesting assistance, such as a lift in his car or a minor “emergency” at home. He would instinctively worry about you and hope you are okay. If he offers to help, you will be able to tell he is interested based on how easily he agrees.

#4 Fashionable Lady

A lady with a good fashion sense will surely pique the interest of a Capricorn male. Finding clothes that fit you well, highlighting your attributes without being overtly exposed, and flattering your body is the key. You can wear formal outfits and can still look sexy in the eyes of a Capricorn man.

Sheer blouses, plaid blazers, and well-made leather jackets are examples of fashion essentials that may be to a Capricorn man’s taste. Add some jewelry, such as a chic necklace or a smart lapel pin make the overall outfit more appealing.

Go for standard colors that reflect the earthy sign like grey, charcoal, brown, etc. Put up a low-toned makeup that appears light and organic. He’ll be grateful that you went out of your way to look great, and he’ll keep approaching to see what you wear next.

#5 Confident Woman

With your confidence, you can attract any man on this earth, and Capricorns are not any exceptions. In fact, he adores women who know their self-worth and are ambitious about their goals. 

Capricorn men are responsible and logical. They wouldn’t want to be with a lady who, when under pressure, leans on others. Instead of that, they would want a soulmate who is resilient and takes excellent care of herself in all circumstances.

Therefore, discussing issues like finances, family, and future goals will demonstrate to him that you have a good hold of your life. Make sure he is aware of your thoughts when you are together. Even if you two don’t agree, he will value knowing what’s on your mind.

While having confidence is a characteristic of a strong personality, overconfidence can come off as a sign of poor self-reflection to a Capricorn man. He admires women who have both, confidence and humility. 

By allowing your Capricorn man plenty of room to discuss his qualities as well, you may avoid boasting or coming across as haughty. 


If we say that there’s nothing like a Capricorn man’s favourite body part on a woman, it won’t be wrong. Though he gets attracted to legs, knees, and other features of external beauty, his true admiration is for an intelligent woman, who knows how to carry herself well and has a healthy body. 

Being an earth sign, Capricorns also appreciate the nurturing qualities and femininity in a woman. If you have any of these, go for it! With time, your guy will definitely fall for you!

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