Body Type Libra Man Likes in Women

Libra men have an inquisitive personality who attracts people with charisma. They might provide an argument at the table that is hard to refute or ignore.

Their controlled temperament aids in resolving disputes and prevents them from getting out of hand. A Libra man is also the life of the parties. His flirtatious talks and socialising skills can win the hearts of the women around him. 

If the person who has done the love magic on you is also a Libra! And now you want to know what a Libra man finds physically attractive and if you can be his ideal woman, Then this is the right place for you. Just read ahead, you’ll know. 

What Do Libra Men Like?

Libras have a refined taste in women. They value aesthetics. A Libra man is ruled by the planet Venus. Therefore, these men have a compassionate spirit and a deep appreciation for the inherent grace of beauty.

Body Type Libra Man Likes

A caring and beautiful-looking woman is what Libra wants by his side. She must communicate openly and honestly and must be as gregarious and outgoing as he is. If speaking of body type Libra man likes, here’s what he prefers!

1. Voluptuous Body

Libra men have a soft spot for women with curves and voluptuous bodies. You may be a little self-conscious about them, but a Libra man will appreciate your broad hips and muscular thighs.

Curves are one of Libra man’s favourite body parts on a woman. A physically curvaceous companion would be ideal for a Libra man. A woman with huge breasts and large butts or hips would be noticed by a Libra man. A stunning cleavage would likewise have a magical effect on the Libra guys.  

Well, a voluptuous physique is desirable, but it should also be well-endowed. When you show off your curves, this sign will find it appealing. You can draw attention to your breasts by wearing crop tops or skirts that emphasise your lean legs. To maintain a slim waistline and keep your hips, calves, and thighs appealing, go for some skinny jeans, fit and flare, or even low-cut skirts and shirts. 

Again, if you are natural and feminine they will still be drawn to you even if you don’t have these bodily features.

2. Lower Back

Ladies, what body part does Libra rule? It’s the lower back! Libra governs the kidneys and lower back according to astrology, which explains why they might put more strain on this area of the body. They are also in charge of the skin and butt, two parts that are linked to attractiveness and beauty.

Therefore, they might feel intimated by your body if you have a finely-shaped lower back or huge butt. We can say, a Libra man’s favourite body part is your well-countered booty. Wear clothes that highlight your hips. The back is one body part that Libra men appreciate. Hop onto backless attires to catch a Libra man’s eyes. 

Here, one piece of advice would be, don’t wear clothes that are too flashy or revealing. Rather maintain a balance. Avoid short hemlines when wearing a top with a plunging neckline, Or avoid wearing a low-cut shirt with a micro skirt or shorts.

Allow him to draw attention to your best features while hiding other parts of your physique. Make him think about what he is missing. This way, you can keep him hooked!

3. Smooth Skin

Libras are very expressive and enjoy physical contact. They love touching and caressing their partners. Therefore, having smooth skin is important if you want to lure a Libra man. 

His thirst for sensory pleasure is one of his lesser-known characteristics. Thus, maintaining good skin will make it simpler for you to attract him. For a Libra male, skincare is crucial. Venus, the astrological ruler of Libra, also controls the skin, therefore people born under this sign generally have skin that glows from the inside. They might expect the same from their partners.

Don’t cut corners on your skincare regimen because Libra men adore smooth, healthy skin. If your skin feels rough or dull, it can be a turn-off for a Libra man. 

Keeping your skin healthy and putting effort into looking good will make your Libra crush feel that you care for yourself and are worthy of his time. 

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4. Beautiful Face and Smile

Although each Libra guy may have a different idea of what makes a lady beautiful, they would search for someone who has an attractive or gorgeous face. A naturally beautiful face with an innocent smile will be something a Libra man finds appealing. 

A Libra man who is deeply in love with your charming smile will often beam broadly at you. While he is with you, he will appear happy, at ease, and content because smiling faces make Libras comfortable.

Libras themselves have a smile 24×7 flashing on their face. So, they might expect their partner to also have a joyful personality. 

A partner who compliments a Libra man on all fronts, including appearance, will pique his interest. Therefore, don’t hide what makes you unique; instead, wear makeup to highlight your best features.

Get inventive and adhere to your aesthetic because he would like anything that highlights your feminine characteristics. Since this sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, a Libra guy will probably also find your inherent attractiveness alluring.


Apart from having pretty looks and a well-maintained physique, you need to pay close attention to how you present yourself if you want to attract a Libra man. For this guy, a first date should consist of intellectual conversations and strong, personal gestures. 

Moreover, a Libra seeks balance in his life. A perfect woman for him is not only one who has an attractive body but also a sharp mind. So, even if you don’t have all the bodily features a Libra man desires, you can still win his heart with your jolly nature and witty talks!

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