How Many Points Should Match for Successful Marriage?

No matter how advanced we get, we are always rooted in our cultures which hence bring us joy and happiness in the future. The same is in the case of Hindu marriages where just like the older generations, people perform the marriage only after a satisfying Vedic tradition of horoscope matching. Kundali matching for marriage is very considered essential for every household. The horoscope which is otherwise known as the birth chart plays a very vital and elegant role in the terms of finding suitable compatibility of an individual.

Ashta Koota Milan: Aspects

Under Vedic astrology, a total number of eight ‘ashta Koota’ are listed. Ashtakoot meaning is nothing but matching those eight qualities of aspects. Here, ‘Ashta’ means eight whereas ‘Kota’ means ‘aspect’. On the other hand, if you are wondering what is ashtakoota matching? ashtakoota matching meaning, matching those eight factors through the matching method.

Ashtakoota vs Dashakoot holds two different meanings where the former means matching the Kundli with a total of 36 points whereas in the latter there are a total number of ten factors that need to be compatible and hence should be taken into consideration.

Kundali matching

Ideal points to be matched for a perfect marriage

For an ideal marriage, a minimum of 18 points out of the 36 points should match. If it is less than 18 then the marriage between both the involved individuals tends to be unsuccessful. A good match is considered when the 25 to 32 aspects are matched. If 33 points are matched then such a pairing is considered to be best thus ensuring a happy and successful life ahead.

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Different tests in Ashta Koota Milan

The following are the eight factors that come under Vedic astrology in the Ashta Koota matching:-

Vashya Milan

It symbolizes the power of an individual to influence another involved in a relationship. The compatibility under this category is 2 where both individuals are from the same category.

Varna Milan

Under this, there are four Jatis or Varnas, starting Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra. To score good compatibility it is essential for matching each other varna. Other than that, marriage compatibility is said to be unsuitable.

Tara Milan

It is dependent on the birth star of both the boy and the girl. Here, the girl’s birth star is counted from the birth star of the boy, and the number obtained is divided by nine. By following the same concept, the Janam nakshatra of the boy to that of the girl is counted. In the end, if the remainder that is obtained through both of them is even then the score of the compatibility is said to be 3 and zero. On the other hand, if it is odd or 1.5 points then one of them would be even or odd.

Rashi Milan

Here, compatibility concerning the moon signs is found where there is a thorough checking of the moon sign lords for the categories of enemy, neutral, or family. In terms of friendly zodiac signs, 5 points will be awarded whereas no points will be awarded if the zodiac signs category is that of enemies.

Yoni Milan

Under this, the sexual compatibility of both the involved individuals is figured out if it is compatible or not. There are 14 classifications of animals under this where if both the party belong to the same category hen the point scored is 4 and if the category is that of the enemy then the point would be zero. In the case of friendly animals, the score will be 3 and the neutral animal’s category will be given 2 points in the case of the category is that of an associated animal then the score will be as mere as 1.

Gana Milan

This is for measuring the temperament of both the bride as well as groom where there are three ganas namely Manav, rakshas, and gods. In case both are of the same category then 8 points are awarded in the case of Manav or rakshas no points are awarded and for the rest of the neutral category, only 1 point is awarded.

Nadi Milan

Under this, genetic compatibility is ensured to foresee a future with healthy kids. Here, the three Nadis are pitta, kappa, and Vata. Here, if both the partner are from different categories then the points awarded will be 8 whereas in the case of the same category no point will be awarded.

Bhakoot Milan

Here, the calculation is entirely based on the position of the moon in the horoscope where the main purpose is to check the compatibility of both the involved partners besides the love compatibility.

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Thus, the whole concept of kundali matching is from ancient times that are still practiced in many households. As a matter of factor, kundali matching is considered to be something more related to science rather than superstition.

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