Body Type Scorpio Man Likes in Women

What does a Scorpio man find physically attractive? If you have the same question, then, you’re not alone! When in Love, Scorpios can be a little complicated to understand. Plus, they usually keep it low when it comes to expressing their feelings. 

Eventually, this makes their potential partners confused and hooked on questions like What body type does Scorpio man like? Or What does he find physically attractive? But don’t worry Ladies! We are here to help you out. Continue reading as we disclose the secrets of your Scorpio man.  

What Body Type Does a Scorpio Man Like?

What a Scorpio guy finds appealing in a woman normally differs from person to person. Also, Scorpio guys have a talent for seeing beauty in all aspects. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be very glamorous, he will probably discover several interesting or attractive qualities about you.

Scorpio Man Likes

Still, since you all are eager to know, there are a few characteristics that are famed to attract Scorpio men. Here are those! 

#1 Seductive Appeal

What does a Scorpio man find physically attractive? It’s a curvaceous body with seductive appeal! A Scorpio man’s favorite body parts in a woman are curves and defined body features. He is usually drawn to those that have more prominent hips and breasts. 

He likes it when a woman shows her feminine side and has a strong sex appeal. He will be pulled to you regardless of how modestly you are dressed if you exude sex appeal. Moreover, you’ll have a better chance of catching the attention of your Scorpio crush if you truly love and appreciate who you are. 

A Scorpio man will be unable to resist you if you give yourself a boost of feminine air. Scorpios are also sensitive to smell and they appreciate this sensory pleasure. A Scorpio guy finds it attractive when a woman puts on floral and musky perfumes. 

You shouldn’t worry about overdoing it because he prefers potent, alluring scents. He will also be drawn to a perfume with an intricate blend of different fragrances.

#2 Confident Body Language

A Scorpio values independence, assertiveness, and other masculine traits in women. Nervousness and self-doubt can make a Scorpio man uninterested right away. 

He is adept at reading people, therefore he is aware of the significance that confidence holds. When talking to someone, your walk, facial expression, and posture can all reflect your confidence. 

Hence, be mindful of your body language when flirting with a Scorpio man. It needs to be bold, yet welcoming and warm. It’s said that all you need to do to attract a man’s attention is putting your confidence to work. 

Buy your Scorpio guy a drink and make flirtatious eye contact if you get near him. Make it clear to him that you are interested. If you’re comfortable in your skin and are confident of your actions, a Scorpio man will notice you for sure! 

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#3 Classy Fashion Sense

How you dress matters a lot to a Scorpio man. Some Scorpio males love seductive, provocative clothes that are worn with high heels. Some Scorpio men favour a woman wearing jeans and stiletto heels.

In general, they seek out women who have a sensual yet elegant appearance. Revealing too much and hiding your best features, both, can be a turn-off for a Scorpio man. You need to balance out your outfit. 

Tops that are too low cut and bottoms that are too high up can be a little obnoxious for a Scorpio guy. An ideal woman for Scorpio is classy, clean, and seductive, but not flashy. 

Wearing a timeless pair of high heels is an easy way to seem both attractive and sophisticated to a Scorpio man. Whether you’re wearing a cocktail dress or just a pair of jeans and a blouse, they’ll lend a touch of classiness to any attire. Moreover, Scorpio likes rich, vibrant colours. 

His attention will be drawn to various colours of red, such as burgundy, scarlet, crimson, and maroon. An elegant little black dress is always a smart move to catch a Scorpio’s gaze.

#4 Intellect and Compassion

Scorpios are drawn to women who can uniquely articulate their thoughts and who are often looking for self-improvement. They truly find inspiration in women like these.

Being with someone who can keep up with him while also challenging him appeals to him greatly. He wants an intellectual match more than anything else.

Boast your achievements and never underestimate your expertise. Be strong with your ideologies, it will, certainly, draw a Scorpio’s attention. He can spend an eternity studying your facial expressions and word choice since that’s what he loves, reading others!

In addition, Scorpio men find generosity and compassion to be highly appealing. By expressing concern for others, being kind, and offering empathy for his sentiments, you can show your compassion to your Scorpio man.

While you do so, he may start to open up and disclose his insecurities, preferences, and past experiences. This is probably the sign a Scorpio man secretly likes you.


A lady with seductive appeal, killer dressing sense, confidence, and compassion is what a Scorpio guy has eyes for. That is his perfect partner. 

He desires a smart woman who will appeal to both his intellectual and physical needs. No matter what size you are, if you possess these attributes, he will be interested in dating you.

Your seductive smile, self-assured swagger, and curvaceous body will entice him. Play the pitch hard after that. If he can’t quite figure you out, he will keep coming back to you.

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