How will be Life in Mercury Mahadasha? – Mercury Remedies and Effects

Each person on earth has faced mercury mahadasha in his or her life. Another name for mahadasha is famously known as Budh Mahadasha which is a major time of mercury. What happens during this is that the planet Mercury rules over us. This planet mercury denotes knowledge, trade, commerce, intelligence, mathematics, mental power, and science. The effects and remedies of mercury mahadasha will help you in figuring out where you are doing and what you should do to rectify it.

What are the Astrology Remedies for Mercury?

You can approach some healthy remedies for mercury. The remedies involved here are easy to adhere to. Out of the six remedies that are provided below, you can implement any remedy that you want but try to do it in the right manner.

Daan or Donation:

A donation is a good act that will help in diluting your sins. Daan or donation is known to be one of many good deeds that you can do and is a very effective remedy for mercury. Therefore, you need to perform some donations as one of many remedies for mercury.


If you perform fasting as one of the mercury remedies, you are performing a cleansing process for your body, soul and mind. Through fasting, you will be able to purify your mind, body and soul both internally and externally. In the case of mercury, you need to fast on Wednesdays.


Prayer is known to be one of many powerful remedies which are very effective. With the help of prayer, you are achieving a stage where you can connect your soul with the almighty. Besides this, by praying you will get both powers and hope so that you will have the capacity to fulfil your needs.


Another approach for the remedies is initiating mantras. In terms of remedies for mercury, you can and you should recite the mercury beej mantra so that you will be able to appease the planet mercury.

Modifications in the Lifestyle:

You can bring out some minute yet ever-changing modifications in your lifestyle. Following are some of the remedies that you can implement.

  • Try wearing every green colour shade in terms of your clothing.
  • You need to show respect to your mausi, bua (Aunty). Besides this, you should also look after the little girls in your family.
  • Another approach is by giving something to your sister which should be fair.

Venus Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha

There are several effects of Venus Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha some of which are mentioned below:

  • You may encounter some loss in your wealth, possible insult, and unexpected fear.
  • You will also face physical distress.
  • One of many effects of mercury mahadasha rahu antardasha include loss originating from friends, enmity with some of the very close friends.
  • Other effects include enjoyments, destruction of enemy and enthusiasm.

Budh Ki Mahadasha

Budh ki mahadasha is infamously known as one of the popular mercuries mahadasha. It is known as one of many crucial periods where mercury governs us. There are possible effects and remedies of Budha ki mahadasha.

In terms of effects, Budh ki mahadasha has legit effects. Some of the Budha mahadasha effects include the following:

  • There are chances that the people will be flooded with golden opportunities
  • It is a known fact that the natives of this turn out to be highly intelligent beings
  • They might know and maybe quick learner where they can show off their intelligence wherever necessary
  • The person will experience to be more creative and innovative
  • The person will be wealthy as well as happy
  • Success in fields such as research, arts, music and developments can be experienced as well.
  • For more of the problem in budh ki mahadasha you can chat with online astrologer.

There are several remedies for Budh ki mahadasha that you can implement. The following are some of the Budha ki mahadasha remedies that exist:

  • You can opt for feeding the cows.
  • You may also give a major shot and use the four-faced rudraksha.
  • On Wednesdays, you should wear green emerald with gold.

So, these are all the points that you need to learn about mercury mahadasha and Budha ki mahadasha. Now that you have all the information you need, you are all set to bring out some legit modifications. About the effects, they are easy to implement in life.

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