Body Type Sagittarius Man Likes in Women

What Body Type Does a Sagittarius Man Like? You should stop thinking about this and read the article! We apologize for being upfront. However, we have disclosed all the hidden information about your mysterious Sagittarius crush in this blog. 

So ladies, you now, don’t need to worry about what a Sagittarius male is attracted to and how to win over his heart. Read ahead as you’ll get to know about all his love interests. 

What a Sagittarius Male is Attracted To?

Sagittarians are incredibly amiable and upbeat people. They hate people who nag around and live a dull life. Therefore, they are attracted to women who have a lively personality. 

They look for a partner who is affable, smart, playful, demanding, and brave enough to accompany them on their endless intellectual, metaphorical, and physical journeys.

The enumeration of likable qualities of an ideal woman for a Sagittarius male doesn’t end here but starts here. Go down the listicle to learn more about the likes of your Sagittarius man.

Body Type Sagittarius Man Likes

#1 Thighs & Legs

The sun sign Sagittarius rules thighs and legs. Therefore, it becomes obvious that your Sagittarius man will first notice how finely shaped your thighs are or how strong and muscular your legs are. 

Wearing something that highlights the curves of your lower body region will surely catch his gaze. One technique to show off your thighs is wearing short skirts and dresses.

Even if you aren’t that tall, the appropriate length and cut of your dress can make your legs look longer. Additionally, you can put on stockings or thigh-high socks. These pieces of clothing will enhance the appearance of your thighs and legs.

You can try different body gestures to draw the attention of your Sagittarius man, like; Sitting with crossed legs or putting hands on your thighs. 

However, thighs and legs are not the only parts a Sagittarius man finds attractive. Your back is an equal player in the attention game. Try backless outfits to make it more noticeable. 

#2 Sexy Clothing

Sexy clothing appeals a lot to a Sagittarius man. He emphasizes greatly how his partner looks or carries herself. Therefore, being thoughtful of the clothes you wear or accessories you put on can help you gain a positive remark from your Sagittarius crush. 

Sagittarius men go gaga when a woman adorns sexy dresses with confidence and style. Well, by mentioning sexy, we are not solely suggesting you wear revealing clothes. What we are saying is to try clothes that highlight the best features of your body. 

For them, it also works wonders to put on a pair of thin jeans that show off your curves! Silhouettes that flow smoothly onto your body will give a boost to your sex appeal. 

If the relationship between you and your Sagittarius man is a little beyond emotions, we would advise you; Next time you’re in bed with him, surprise him by donning some gorgeous lingerie.

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#3 Active Personality

Sagittarians are adventure lovers. Owning to the outgoing trait of this zodiac sign, a Sagittarius man expects a partner who can keep up with his fun-loving and outgoing personality. 

Moreover, as he is very spontaneous, A Sagittarius guy may take a woman out on a date to a high-end restaurant one night and then accompany her to help build homes for refugees in regions of the world that have been affected by natural catastrophes.

Thus, to be with him, you have to be very active. A Sagittarius man sees it as a bonus if you travel frequently. He will be drawn to you if you can spend hours exploring a different city.

Even if you’re not that open to the idea of roaming in random places, when he asks you out for an adventurous trip, go with him! You can trust the independent, free-spirited man who doesn’t hesitate to go off on his own before taking stock of his actions. 

#4 Confidence

Do you want a secret tip for making a Sagittarius male go head over heels for you? Show him your confidence in whatever you do, whatever you wear! Because even if the characteristics of a Sagittarius guy are elusive, they all revolve around confidence. 

Yes. No one can be more attractive to a Sagittarius man than a woman with confident body language and an assertive personality. 

A Sagittarius man’s ideal woman is not a sensitive soul. His love would be an independent lady who can serve as his lover, friend, and travel companion.

However, don’t kill your social life for being with him. Since he is not an envious or possessive type, he will adore that you’re enjoying your own space. 

You can also share your accomplishments and aspirations with him to show that you have goals apart from him and you’re serious about them. 

To merely make an impression on him, you don’t have to dress in a certain manner. Be playful, present yourself with confidence, and be comfortable in your skin. It will surely catch his attention. 


We have shared all the secrets of a Sagittarius man’s heart. If you stick to them, you’ll surely become your Sagittarius man’s lover

However, when you apply these tips, don’t make it obvious. Sagittarians enjoy challenges. Be a chase for him and play hard to get. A lady who respects and values herself appeals to Sagittarius men. Therefore, put effort but not too much. Be a mystery, and let him solve you!

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