Important Planets For Love Marriage in Vedic Astrology

Let us throw some light on the planetary notification to have a love marriage as per Vedic astrology. Nowadays, it is a trend going on where couples who want to get married to a partner with whom they wish to get married. Astrologers are often asked, will their love marriage be arranged or love, or what are the possibilities of having a love marriage in their horoscope?

The criteria to select a partner by an individual with the prosperity of love is difficult and also ambiguous. This appears to be more infatuation due to financial reasons. It is a rate to have true love, this is mostly considered as the gone days. However, it is everything that matters in planetary permutation and combination. This is marked through love marriage and Vedic astrology.

One of the factors that are responsible to attract two people is the influence of their planets. Their planets get attracted to each other and thus they feel fascinated by each other. As the cycle changes, the attraction disappears. Relationships are formed or broken because of the planetary transit of the two people’s horoscopes. Love marriage prediction is the best and an exciting forecast in astrology.

Let us know what planets are responsible for love marriage.

When the person is getting married to his soulmate, he is under the charisma of the below planets. Astrologers always check the planet position for love marriage prediction by date of birth.

  • Venus is the prime significator planet responsible for love marriage. The Venus planet describes love, romance, beauty, and attraction. It is an agent that confirms a love marriage.
  • If Venus is placed in the 5th or 7th or 11th house, it increases the chance of having a love marriage.
  • The moon is responsible to represent emotions. It represents the hidden sensitivity and desire. Thus, if the moon is conjucted to Venus, you get inclined to a romantic relationship.
  • At times, it is even possible that the afflicted moon gets associated with the Rahu denoting unconventional marriage. The planet’s position for love marriage should be analyzed to help know the native‚Äôs preferences.
  • Rahu is also a strange planet that does not like to fall into traditions or social customs. Rahu can provide for unconventional marriage.
  • Rahul can also cause obsession in some people. The Astro love marriage planets Rahu when conjucted with Venus provide strong desires and increase the possibility of having a love marriage.
  • Rahul is the Astro planet that has sexual desires and secret desires. This generates strong feelings towards the opposite person.
  • Mars planet helps to provide conviction, willingness, and courage. This fights every difference. If Mars planet is associated with Venus planet, it provides an extraordinary passion that can cause a love marriage.
  • If the lord of the 7th house reverses towards the 2nd house or to the customs of the 9th house, this can create a dispute between the family members before the marriage or can cause a non-conventional wedding.
  • Jupiter is a planet that follows customs and norms. It is also responsible for wiseness and even intelligence. When retrograde, it provides an atypical union.
  • If the Moon or the Mercury planet afflicts Saturn, while it is in the 7th house, it means there will be a vast age gap between the couples and there will be a non-conventional way of relationship.

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Which Houses are Responsible for Love Marriage?

  • The seventh house is responsible for love marriage, attraction, affair, romance, or companionships. This affects the wedding directions directly.
  • If the lord of the seventh house occupies its place in the 1st, 5th, or 11th house, it is responsible for love marriage. Some part is crucial, as which planet belongs to the lord of the seventh house and which nakshatra is located for the marriage prediction.
  • The fifth house governs love affairs. If the lord of the fifth house combines with the lord of the seventh house it is then responsible for love marriage.
  • The 11th house of the planet focus on how the couple maintains the relationship and how there is followed. This denotes a love marriage.
  • The 8th house gives confidential relationships and at the same time expresses the native’s, unconventional love.

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What is the Favourable Placement of Love Marriage?

The celestial codes help to determine the will and spirit of the couple and this represents the biggest chances of a love marriage.

  • If the lord of the 5th house is in the 7th house or even Vice Versa.
  • If the lord of the 5th house is associated with the lord of the 7th.
  • The 7th lord is conjucted with Venus.
  • The Ascendant lord is conjucted with the 5th and the 7th.


Some many planets or houses give various effects. This depends on the placements and the conjunctions with the other planets.

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