Find Birthdate Compatibility for Marriage in 5 Easy Steps!

Marriage is when people unite together to celebrate their love, life, success, and failure together for the rest of their life. The two people who tie their knots support each other and learn and grow together. The whole of the marriage compatibility by name and date of birth if figured out in the right manner can contribute to a happily ever after.

As per many, Hindu marriage is termed to be irreversible because it is said that the bond is of seven whole lifetimes and not just one. Here, astrology plays a vital role in any kind of Hindu marriage. This is because marriage compatibility is finalized by these astrologers only. What they do is they try to match the 26 Gunas also known as characteristics of both the partner who are to be married and come to a conclusion about whether or not the couple is an ideal match or not.

Marriage compatibility

The whole scene of Indian marriage compatibility by date of birth plays a very important role. The concept of marriage compatibility holds different meanings to different people. In simpler terms, the term ‘compatibility’ refers to the ability of the partners to get along with each other. It can be figured out by the level of comfort they find themselves when it comes to their shared interests, values, and their talent to handle conflict.

Getting qualified in the marriage compatibility test ensures successful married life shortly. Another reason why the whole concept of marriage compatibility is said to be fruitful is that it helps in creating a strong foundation in the married life of the couple.

Things needed to check marriage compatibility by date of birth

To figure out the marriage compatibility by date of birth, the following points must be known:-

  • Date of birth of both the supposed bride and groom.
  • Time of birth of both of them.
  • Place of birth of both partners.

To get started with the marriage compatibility system, it is important to figure out the birthdate compatibility for marriage. For this, the destiny number of the particular individual should be known. Here, the destiny number is calculated by adding up all the numbers of the birth date of the individual. For instance, if the birth date is 02.08.1995 then the destiny number would be 0+2+0+8+1+9+9+5 =34. After this, the obtained value is reduced to a single digit by adding both numbers which in this case is the number 7. After this, the destiny number of the other individual is obtained. So, in the case of best marriages, it is done by bringing the compatible destiny numbers together because the incompatible numbers will lead to mismatch and despair in most cases.

Birthdate Compatibility for Marriage

To find out the Indian marriage compatibility by date of birth only, the below-mentioned table will help in figuring out the best match, average match, and bad match.

Birthdate Compatibility for Marriage

Born on dates Destiny number Best match Average match Bad match
1, 19, 28, 10 1 4,8 2,3,5,6 1,9,7
11,20,2,29 2 3,6,7 4,5,8 6,1,2
12,3,21,30 3 2,3,9 1,7,5,8 4,6
4,22,13 4 8,4,1 Nil 2,3,6,5,7,9
5,14,23 5 3,9 8,5,1,6 ,7,2,4
15,24,6 6 9,4,1 5,6 2,3,7,8
25,16,7 7 4,2 4,3,1,7 5,8,1
26,17,8 8 1,4 5,4,6,8 2,9,7
27,18,9 9 6,3 4,5,9 1,7,8,2

Tips for couples for a successful relationship

To make the relationship work after finding out the result of the marriage compatibility based on birth date, the couple can stick to the below-mentioned steps:-

  • The couple can figure out the areas where they have good as well as weak compatibility.
  • They can mutually decide to work on the weaker section of their marriage and cherish their strong areas of the relationship.
  • The couple should stick to the thought of ‘ the more you invest into it, the solid the friendship gets’.
  • They should refrain from getting into arguments that are based upon their weaker areas of compatibility and should rather work on them.
  • If in any case, disagreement rises among the couple then they must take out time to figure it out together and reach a mutually beneficial conclusion.

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Thus, in a nutshell, it can be said that compatibility is the perfect key for relationships. No doubt making a relationship work and last is a big task, but with mutual efforts, maintaining this relationship will be a piece of cake. And since compatibility, are of the things that form the base of any relationship, it is important to verify it. Now that you have all the information that you need regarding checking marriage compatibility based on birth date, you are all set to find out the level of marriage compatibility of you and your respective partner.

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