Body Type Taurus Man Likes in Women

Are you drawn to a Taurus man? These unyielding, bull-headed guys born between April 20 and May 20 might at some point in a woman’s life spark her attraction. 

Taurus men have a lot of wonderful personality features. Due to their loyalty, dependability, and sense of the “finer things in life,” Taurus men treat their partner like a queen. 

Although to be a Taurraus’s consort, you need to first grab his attention. Which is… a little hard to get, unless you have these physical features. 

Having said that, many of you may wonder what body type tauruses are pulled towards! Continue reading to learn more about the body type a Taurus man likes. 

What body type does a Taurus man like?

Physically, Taurus men tend to resemble the bull, their sign’s lucky animal. 

Most of the time, they appear strong and healthy, usually stocky and of medium height. With perfectly sized and well-defined muscles, Taurus men have a body of gorgeous proportions.

Taurus Man Likes

Since a Taurus man himself is a role model of beautiful physique and charm, let’s see what a Taurus male is attracted to:

1. Women with Curves

Curves on a woman’s body are the weakness of all Taurus men.  

A curvy body is Taurus men’s preferred physical feature. Taurus males have a strong desire for women with curves, and seductive bodies because they are incredibly sensual and passionate. 

However, not just curves but there are more specifications to it. 

Regardless of whether she has curves in other parts of her body, a Taurus man will find a woman attractive if she has wide hips and curvy thighs. 

An ideal woman for a Taurus man will not be deemed curvaceous if she simply has huge breasts, is skinny, and has a rectangular body shape.

When it comes to body, he will give a woman’s weight little to no thought and will instead focus more on the structure of her body.  

To put it simply, both short and curvaceous women and tall women with curvy bodies can be attractive to a Taurus man. 

2. Feminine Features

Taurus is a fixed Earth sign. It goes without saying that a Taurus native is stubborn, especially a Taurus male. It’s simple to fall in love with him, but difficult to make him feel the same way. 

Nevertheless, a woman with a strong feminine aura can easily make a Taurus male fall head over heels for her. A Taurus man favours women who are more inclined towards femininity.

Women who smell lovely and have gentle voices are two examples of the kinds of sensory stimulation he enjoys in a partner. This is the first thing he notices.

However curvaceous would be the word to describe the type of figure he prefers. You are most definitely the ideal lady for a Taurus man if you are on the thicker side. 

Since Taurus is strongly drawn to feminine energy, he wants to hang out with women who have typical feminine qualities and attributes. 

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3. Confident Body Language

The most alluring quality of a woman to a Taurus man is self-confidence. He prefers a woman who is not just feminine but also comfortable in her skin. 

A Taurus man is drawn to sensuous women because they exude confidence, which is why he finds them appealing. When a Taurus man compliments you, accept it graciously and just say “Thank you.” 

Even if other people don’t agree that your choice of apparel is “appropriate” for your body type, wear it nevertheless. It is more beautiful to dress with confidence than to adhere to strict fashion rules.

A Taurus male represents stability and security, and he seeks a spouse who is strong and confident enough to maintain her composure.

4. Class and Elegance

The Taurus man normally prefers to take things slowly, therefore he is not the kind to engage in one-night hookups. A Taurus man is also well-recognized for being extremely loyal and devoted to his partner.

Therefore, a potential partner who can be a Taurus man lover is a woman with class and elegance. There are many different ways to be elegant around a Taurus man. The first is by showcasing your sense of style. 

To catch his attention, you might try to start donning subtler, yet elegant outfits. Your mannerisms might also reflect elegance. He appreciates ladies who can dance well and are light on their feet, which adds to their appearance of grace. Notably, speaking and walking softly are both adored by Taurus men. 

5. Natural Beauty

While you may assume that a Taurus man is only interested in a woman’s outward beauty and elegance. However, there is much more to this man than physical attraction.

A Taurus man praises feminity, harmony, and nurturing qualities in a woman. You don’t need to try to look beautiful because he admires those who are more natural in appearance. This in no way implies that he finds makeup-wearing women unattractive; on the contrary, one can be imaginative and experimental with their style.  A piece of advice; ladies should apply makeup that accentuates rather than conceals their characteristics to attract their Taurus partner.

A Taurus man appreciates dressing up and looking attractive, but he also prefers that his lady occasionally wear casual attire. To entice him, you don’t have to be fussy all the time. Simply be confident and true to who you are!


The Taurus man may have distinct preferences for various body types depending on the individual. Women with simple, graceful looks are the ones that every Taurus man regards as the ideal body type. If you have a curvy body then it’s a cherry on top. Since Taurus men typically like those who wear minimal makeup or a natural makeup look, a woman doesn’t need to go the extra mile to impress one of these men.

Now that you are fully informed about the specific factors that influence and attract Taurus men, maybe you are prepared to take the next step!

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