Body Type Gemini Man Likes in Women

The beauty, humour, and brilliance of Gemini men are well-known. They are the life of the party and enjoy having meaningful talks with those who can keep up with their intellectual interests.

Most importantly, these charming lads are skilled at bringing any woman to her knees. Now that you’ve found your man of dreams, you’re trying to weave a web of love around him. Curious to know: What Do Gemini Men Like?… in a woman or particularly you?

Though they are not often very choosy, Gemini men do have a few characteristics that they want in a partner to satisfy their needs. If you want to know that all, you are at the right place!

Read ahead for what are Gemini attracted to physically and what attracts them to a woman. 

What Do Gemini Men Like?

A Gemini man is humorous, playful, and inquisitive by nature. Because of his ease of adaptation, he is willing to try almost everything. He’s a curious man who wants to know tiny details about you. Although it could be endearing if they get too invasive. 

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Geminis enjoy communicating and sharing ideas. They engage in conversation about everything, whether it be recent medical breakthroughs or neighborhood rumours. However, when it comes to girls, Gemini men are drawn to independent, self-assured ladies who are exceptionally funny. 

If we speak of a Gemini man’s favourite body part on a woman, it would probably be her shoulders. Let’s explore more about Gemini’s favourite body part and his interest in a woman. 

#1 Shoulders & Neck

For the ones who want to know; what body part does Gemini rule? These are lungs, throat, and vocal cords. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to many that a Gemini male has things for the shoulders and neck of a woman. 

Gemini men can’t get enough of a woman’s shoulders, and their preferred part of the body to kiss is the curve from the neck to the arm. A lady can always try to run her finger up her neck, and if it doesn’t work, raising her head will be enough to attract a Gemini man.  Always wear necklaces to bring attention to your throat or wear necklines that reveal it.

#2 Curvy Body

The preferences of a Gemini guy are likely to change during his life. It’s uncommon for Gemini men to only date women who share the same physical characteristics or to favour one body type over another. However, if you want to know what physically appeals to a Gemini man, it is perhaps someone having a curvy body shape. Geminis are not picky about the body type of a woman. Still, the hips, chest, and other curved parts of a woman’s body might catch their attention. 

He loves it when woman flaunts their curves. In any case, it is still acceptable if you don’t. In the end, the Gemini man won’t give a damn. Gemini men also don’t care whether a woman has a natural physique or not. Thus it wouldn’t matter to them if she has undergone any sort of artificial physical changes to enhance her look. 

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#3 Personality

The ideal woman for a Gemini man is more than just a lovely face or figure. He might be drawn to a woman’s curves or specific features of her body, but such things are meaningless if he doesn’t like her personality. Women with enthusiasm for life and the ability to keep up with or even outperform them are attractive to Gemini men.

You need to be upfront with him and show him that you are ready to try new things in life. A Gemini man finds a brain that is closed-minded to be the least attractive. They adore women who can cheer them up and make them snort. If you want a Gemini man’s attention, be playful, impulsive, and amusing.

#4 Trendy Fashion Sense

Sometimes a woman’s sense of style draws a Gemini guy more than her physical attributes. 

The secret to dressing for a Gemini man is to be original, up-to-date and imaginative. Additionally, if you are self-assured enough to wear short dresses or a skirt, a Gemini man will adore it. When attempting to entice a Gemini man, loud, striking colours are always a terrific option. A nice alternative is adding trendy accessories to your wardrobe.

Give him a wink, touch his hand, and wear a sensual smell. He will remember these things.

#5 A Little Show-Off

When a woman shows off some of her best qualities, she leaves a Gemini guy with a memorable impression. He’ll adore it if you can show off what you have! Whether you are a small woman with delicate features or a huge woman with curves.

Wearing attires that hug your curves in the appropriate places will make you appear curvier than you are. Wear them with confidence! Your confidence to wear anything, highlighting the best features of your body will make you appear incredibly seductive in front of a Gemini man.


It’s truly very simple to entice a Gemini man! You only need to be your vibrant self and let your true personality shine. If the lady has all the vitality a man needs, the Gemini man would pay little or no attention to her body type. So, be confident in your skin and flaunt your best features as you now know, what a Gemini man likes in a woman.

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