Body Type Leo Man Likes in Women

Is the man you’re currently having a crush on or probably planning to date a Leo? Want to know all Leo Man’s likes and dislikes in a woman? Then you’re at the right spot!

Women usually gravitate towards a Leo man because they are confident, charismatic, and handsome. They may be a little self-centered, but they’re also exceedingly kind, loyal, and generous. With such qualities, it’s irresistible to not fall for him. As you have developed an attraction towards a Leo man, you must be eager to know his likes as well. Since the question is associated with a man’s liking, most women would particularly wish to know; What body type does a Leo man like? Or what does a Leo man find physically attractive in a woman? 

So let me tell you, the interests of a Leo man fall beyond and above just physical attraction. However, there are still chances that he will find your physique attractive for specific reasons. Continue reading as we’ll tell you all the ins and outs of what a Leo man likes in a woman

What Does a Leo Man Find Physically Attractive?

The fire sign Leo is complex and social. These men tend to play the field and may fluctuate in their attraction to women. If you don’t have clues for whether he likes you or not and guessing; What Are The Signs a Leo Man Secretly Likes You? Then, you first need to understand what a Leo man finds attractive in a woman. Here are a few characteristics of a woman that are desirable and enticing for a Leo man. 

Body Type Leo Man Likes

#1 Legs and Back

Leo Man’s Favorite Body Part is the back of a woman. 

The heart, spine, spinal column, and upper back are all ruled by Leo. Therefore, the first thing he might notice on your body is how powerful or muscular your back is. Moreover, women with toned calves and thighs appeal to Leo males. Their love of strength plays a big part in this.

Wearing body-hugging dresses and backless tops will help you entice your Leo man. However, when dressing for a Leo man, you can occasionally be exquisite and other times a touch more provocative. A Leo man will be drawn to your look if you dress appropriately for the situation.

#2 Hair

Hair has long been considered a beautiful feature in women. The way it frames the face and flows with movement can be mesmerizing. Like many others, Leos also finds hair attractive. He’ll realise you put effort into looking well if he notices that your hair is healthy and shining. 

You can try hairstyles that suit your face structure and enhance your beauty. Experiment with haircuts from long, flowing locks to short, chic bobs and carry it with confidence. A Leo man takes a woman’s hair as a reflection of her personality and even regards it as a symbol of femininity.  Therefore, to pull his attention, you can use your shiny and wavy hair as a powerful tool. 

#3 Texture of Skin

Smooth skin can be a sign of good hygiene and self-care, which Leo men find extremely sensuous and appealing. Leo men are sensitive, and one of the biggest turn-ons for them is being touched. 

These males are very touchy-feely and affectionate individuals. If you have soft, silky skin that feels wonderful to touch, your Leo man will be more drawn to you. He might run his hands over your bare skin (probably your back or shoulders). So, you need to take extra care of those areas and keep them clear and smooth as butter. 

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#4 Sense of Style

A Leo man looks his best. He enjoys being complimented by both his fellows and total strangers. He always finds a way to express himself through his appearance.

Therefore, it only seems natural that he would likewise seek the same quality in his woman. Leo guys adore having a fashionable woman by their side. However, it doesn’t mean that he will find you unattractive if you prefer wearing comfortable or classy attire. 

It’s just a way of thinking in which you know how to make the best of what you have, not always requiring you to wear the most stylish outfits.

Even if you aren’t into trendy clothes, styling your casual outfits thoughtfully and carrying them with absolute confidence will work like magic for Leo guys. 

#5 Positivity

A Leo man has a positive outlook toward life and admires women who live life to their fullest. He desires a woman who is upbeat, joyful, and full of adventures. No one is ever truly happy all the time, but these men search for women who can constructively handle stress, see the good in it, and find an ingenious way to get rid of all the anxiety and worry.

If you want a Leo man by your side, get into the habit of always looking for the positive side of any situation, and train your mind to be optimistic in tough times.


A Leo male appreciates partners who are stylish and well-groomed. He would desire a companion who is strong and energetic since he wants someone who can keep up with him. A Leo man would also value your ability to maintain healthy hair and skin and how you work on your features to bring them into the spotlight. 

In addition to all of these qualities, the ideal lady for Leo would be passionate about her partner and be ambitious, self-aware, creative, and loyal. Since now you know what attracts a Leo man, we wish you all the best for your blooming love life!

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