Importance of 7th house in Spouse Prediction

Have you ever felt that your current relationship lacks the romance it used to have in the past? If yes, you need to know that this is because of you or your spouse, but the 7th house in your Kundali. Yes, as per Vedic Astrology, the 7th house emphasizes long-term relationships which are more particular. On the basis of the 7th house, one can also predict the conflict patterns that are sanctioned cosmically depending on the 7th house sign.

Through the 7th house, future spouse prediction is possible as it regulates the relations and the possible way one works on it together. The 7th house is popular as a committed, contractual, and marriage partnership. This is different from the 5th house which particularly focuses on pleasure, sex, and other expectations of the other partner. This can also be confirmed and it can also show us what is needed in the relationship.

No doubt, the 7th house in terms of Vedic Astrology is famous for having a romantic partner, it also reveals intellect in commercial unions as well as creative associations. The 7th house can show us the path to the individual with whom getting connected would be a good decision.

7th House Spouse Astrology Prediction:

When it comes to love or even marriage, the prediction of the spouse is carried out on the basis of various factors as per Astrology. The zodiac signs and planets obtain various characteristics represented by them and they also have a particular influence on humans based on how they are positioned. However, among them, the 7th house is the most important house along with its ruling planet, its position, and its sign.

7th house spouse prediction

Through this post, let’s talk about the role of the 7th house in predicting the spouse depending on different planets.

Planet Sun in 7th House

When Sun is positioned in the 7th house, the native would have a partner who would be quite dominating. The spouse would be very egoistic and would have a strong sense of selfdom. They would be quarrelsome and loud and hence, with such a personality, they would lack to obtain the love of the native.

Planet Moon in 7th House

When Moon resides in the 7th house, the spouse would be quite sensitive. The spouse would be quite religious and would take over all the household duties very nicely. If the individual is from the Taurus zodiac, the spouse would lack dressing sense and jewelry sense, however, if focused would be able to get transformed into a gracious man or a diva. The native would also have a spouse who would be younger or nearly of the same age.

Planet Mars in the 7th House

If Mars is in the 7th house of the native’s kundali, the spouse would be impulsive and impatient. Again, the spouse wouldn’t settle down with a single routine career or home activity. He/she would continuously keep on changing the profession. The spouse would be quite quarrelsome and would have negative friends if the position of Mars is negative. Again, if Mars and Saturn would be in combination in zodiac signs Cancer or Leo, the spouse can have more than one partner and would be rich too.

Planet Mercury in the 7th House

If as per Astrology, the 7th house is on Mercury planet, the native would have a spouse with extraordinary communication skills along with an attractive speech. The spouse would be intelligent, friendly, and successfully get love from the native. The partners would be great friends. Apart from this, the partner will also be rich, would possess good writing skills, and live a luxurious lifestyle.

Planet Jupiter in the 7th House

Jupiter is considered to be the luckiest planet when it comes to the 7th house. When Jupiter is placed in the 7th house, the native would receive a spouse who possesses the characteristics of happiness, wealth, spirituality, wisdom, educated, and loyal. Again, if the Jupiter planet is sitting along with the Moon for an individual with the Cancer zodiac, the spouse would additionally be attractive and have an amazing personality.

Planet Venus in the 7th House

When it comes to marriage, Venus is the ruling planet in terms of Astrology. Venus is connected with beauty and luxury. And when Venus is placed in the 7th position, it means the spouse would be very beautiful. Again, the prime weakness of the spouse would be lovely and fine things. They would be too romantic and would have amazing lips and eyes.

Planet Saturn in the 7th House

When Saturn impacts the 7th house of any individual, it means his/her spouse would be ordinary and older. Again, if Saturn is afflicted, the structure of the spouse might be a little weak. But if Saturn is strong, the spouse might be mature, caring, and strong.

Rahu and Ketu in 7th House

Are the planets Rahu and Ketu positioned in the 7th house? If yes, the native might taint the family’s reputation if no other benefic planets are present. The marriage would lack success and happiness. The spouse would be very dominating by nature and would have a dark or wheatish complexion.

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Hence, these were the spouse prediction based on the 7th house in Kundali. According to Astrology, Venus is considered to be the strongest planet with a huge impact on the marriage life of the native. Other good planets include Jupiter, Mercury, and Moon. While the bad planets for the 7th house include Rahu and Ketu. Both the planets Rahu and Ketu have a malicious impact on the native’s marriage life. It serves various negative effects like health issues, family excursions at the time of childhood, financial loss, and much more which keeps the natives in constant worry, particularly when he/she is living far from their families. All of these can have a negative impact on the couple’s relationship and hence, it doesn’t last long.

It can be henceforth concluded that the 7th household has an important place in Astrology while predicting the spouse or life partner as well as life after marriage.

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