Manglik (Mangal) Dosha Effects and Remedies

The Indian Vedic Astrology states that certain planets are malefic, their ill-placements can cause damage to various aspects of human life. Manglik Dosha affects men or women equally. This occurs in the natal chart of the person, if the planet Mars is placed between any of the given houses, seventh, eighth, first, fourth, second, or twelfth. This is the major parameter that is considered at the time of matching two-person horoscopes for marriage. It is also believed that the side effects of Manglik dosha can cause separation or even divorce.

In India, marriages are done after checking the horoscopes of the bride and groom if they match each other. Many factors are considered if they combat each other. Mangala dosha is a prime consideration to decide if the marriage between the two partners can be considered.

Persons with the same kind of intensity as Mangal dosha can get married to each other without any problems. If the mangal dosh intensity is low, with some remedies the marriage can be performed to nullify the impact of the mangal dosh. Mars holds intensity and power. The person who has weak Mars is not strong to handle even smaller life crises. 

3-Effects of Manglik Dosh that Should not be Overlooked

Mangal Dosha Prediction is:

  • The person constantly suffers from the hostile environment, on both levels domestic or professional. This can lead to poor relationships.
  • Marriages get delayed
  • The person is always fierce throughout his/her life.
  • There is always fierce energy and if it is not channeled in the right direction, the person can turn destructive.
  • As Mars is a malefic planet, it should not be overlooked. A Manglik dosha affects and influences blood-related ailments.
  • Fights between couples
  • Trouble in profession
  • Death of the non-Manglik spouse.

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Manglik Dosh Remedies:

Below are the remedies on how to remove Manglik dosh:

  • A common and recommended solution to remove mangal dosha is to get the couple married when they both suffer from the same dosha. Two negatives combine to make a positive. This is usually recommended by expert astrologers if is the intensity of Mangal dosha is low. If two people are suffering from the same dosha, the mangal dosha gets nullified.
  • Get up early in the morning and chant 108 times “Om Gam Ganapataye Namah”.
  • Kumbh Vivah: This is a remedy where the Manglik person is made to get married to a banyan or peepal tree. After this ceremony, the person can marry each other. This remedy is recommended if the Manglik Dosha effect is severe.
  • Donate blood on Tuesdays.
  • Chanting Mantra: A Dosha positive effect shows when the person recites mantra especially Gayathri Mantra on every Tuesday or Navagraha. By doing this, the person gets relieved from the clutches of the Mangal Dosh.
  • Fasting: This is a simple remedies for Manglik dosha which is to be done eternally. This reduces the ill effects of the Mangal dosh. This can even be done by the people who suffer from Mangal dosh or are even married to each other.
  • Visit a Hanuman temple every Tuesday. This reduces the extra energy of the Mangal planet.
  • Visit the temple of Lord Karthikey every Tuesday. This reduces the ill effects of Mangal Dosha.
  • The person who has Mangal dosha is advised to wear a silver bracelet on the left hand. This gives relief from the ill-effects of Mangal Dosha.
  • Every Tuesday feed the cow with red lentil and jaggery.
  • In the ring, the finder wears a golden ring that has a bright red coral. However, before wearing it get the person chart analyzed by a trusted astrologer.
  • Make contributions on Tuesdays is considered the best remedy for individuals who have Manglik dosha. Objects should be offered to please Mars-like knives or swords, food items that are specially made of red lentils, wheat slices of bread, or red stones like corals.
  • Make it a practice to chant Gayatri Mantra every day for 108 times and Hanuman Chalisa once a day at least.
  • Chant “Om Shreem Hanumante Namah” in front of a Hanuman statue 108 times.
  • Workers working with sharp iron materials should be donated red clothes by the Mangalik.
  • Feed birds regularly.
  • Recitation of Mangal Chandika sloka by sitting in front of the idol of Ma Durga every day.

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