10 Porutham for Marriage – Matching Table

The Poruthams also known as Kutams are said to be the chief factors that give a deep analysis of Kundali matching. The name of all of the 10 poruthams is Stree Dirgha porutham, Dina porutham, Rasi porutham, Mahendra porutham, Rajju porutham, Vedha porutham, Nadi porutham, Gana porutham, Yoni porutham, and Vashya porutham.

Top 10 Porutham for Marriage

Detailed insight about the 10 porutham for marriage is provided below:-

Stree Dirgha porutham

Through the Stree Dirgha Porutham, the prosperity of the person is influenced by the life partner is evaluated. This specific prosperity is mainly concerned with tangible prosperity as well as wealth.

Dina porutham

Under this porutham, the physiological compatibility of the couple is figured out. The Dina Porutham is associated with the longevity as well as the health of both partners involved in a relationship. In the northern region of India, Dina is often referred to as Nakshatra.

Rasi porutham

Through Rasi porutham, the impact of the partnership of both people is analyzed. In a way, it can be said that through Rasi porutham it can be figured out as to up to which level the entire prosperity of one partner will be influenced by the respective partner. Apart from this, through this very Rasi porutham, it can also be analyzed as to how the relationship of the involved family will create an impact on the

Mahendra porutham

With the help of Mahendra Porutham, mainly the capability of the couple to bear healthy and good children is analyzed. Thus, Mahendra porutham meaning is longevity, progeny, and wealth. Through this porutham, mainly the general indications associated with children post-married life are hinted. Thus, the Mahendra Porutham is the base of the Nakshatra Porutham.

Rajju porutham

With the help of Rajju porutham, the longevity of both the partners involved in a relationship is involved. There are groups of astrologers who claimed that Rajju Porutham is highly based on the longevity of the husband. But in retrospect, many believe that it is centered on both partners.

Vedha porutham

Through Vedha porutham, the ability of the couple to overcome the difficulties in the relationship and bring it back on track is evaluated. It is said to be the most important porutham for marriage as every couple in a relationship faces difficulty which is why the couple needs to get over the difficulty as soon as they can.

Nadi porutham

This Nadi porutham is based on three of the main types of Nadi known as Khapa Nadi, Madhya Nadi, and Antya Nadi. The three of this Nadi porutham are the constitutional core of the ancient science of the human body which is termed to be Ayurveda.

Porutham for Marriage

Gana porutham

Through Gana porutham, one will learn about the temperaments of the significant other. This specific porutham is the chief factor when it comes to marriage compatibility as well as behavioural compatibility. In the short term, it can be summed up saying that Gana Porutham will measure the idea of how apt the two people in a relationship can adapt to each other.

Yoni porutham

By Yoni Porutham, the sexual compatibility of both partners is mainly analyzed. It means that with the help of Yoni Porutham, the sex-oriented desire between both the partners involved in a relationship will be evaluated which further hints at a successful mating between both the guy as well as the girl.

Vashya porutham

Vashya porutham emphasizes the harmony between the groom as well as the bride. Thus Vashya porutham meaning is the understandable harmony between the bride and the groom. Although this Vashya porutham is not considered of chief importance, however, it will contribute to the whole of prospects of both the marriage as well as the prevailing relationship.

Porutham Matching Table

The 10 Porutham matching table is mentioned below:-

Porutham Porutham


Gana Porutham Temperament compatibility
Rasi Porutham Prosperity in the relationship
Dina Porutham Health and longevity of the couple
Mahendra Porutham Indications of progeny
Yoni Porutham Sexual compatibility
Stree Dirgha Porutham Prosperity influenced by life partner
Rajju Porutham Longevity of the couple
Vashya Porutham Mutual harmony
Vedha Porutham Ability to overcome difficulties
Nadi Porutham Elemental compatibilities of the couple


Which porutham is important for marriage?

Out of all the ten porutham, Dina, Gana, Yoni, Rajju, and Rasi are considered the five poruthams to be very important. However, out of these five, Dina and Rajju are termed to be holding the greater importance out of all the porutham.


Thus, Porutham can be termed to be of natural tendencies where each one is equally important for both the girl and boy so that the marriage can be successful. The purpose of all the poruthams is to give an insight into all types of compatibility. Now that you have all the information related to the ten of top Porutham, you are all set to find out your compatibility with your partner.

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