The Only 5 ways to Nadi Dosha Cancellation

Nadi dosha is basically of 8 aspects among all of the 36 Gunas. The presence of the moon in the birth chart signifies certain nakshatra thus emphasizing a person, Nadi. It typically possesses 3 of the main elements that are mainly Aadi Nadi which is air, Madhya Nadi which is fire, and Antya Nadi which is water.

If you are wondering what if the Nadi score is 0 then, it namely happens when both the Nadi of people involved in a relationship are the same. So, whenever the Nadi score is 0, it mainly invites unpleasant problems. Same nadi marriage of the people involved in a relationship is strictly prohibited as per the Vedic Astrology. This is because there is a guaranteed presence of Nadi dosh in case the Nadi of the partner is the same.

3 Types of Nadi dosh

There are three types of Nadi dosh which are discussed:-

Aadi Nadi (air)

It is the first and foremost Nadi of all the three Nadi. It also goes by the name Kapha Nadi. The Vedic Nakshatras under this are Ashlesha, Swati, Rohini, Kritika, Swati, Uttara, Ashadha, Shravana, and Revati Nakshatra.

Antya Nadi (water)

Antya Nadi is also known as Vata Nadi and the Vedic Nakshatras under this are Ardra, Ashwini, Uttara, Phalguni, Punarvasu, Hasta, Mula, Jyeshta, Shatabhisha, Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Madhya Nadi (fire)

Madhya Nadi also goes by the name Pitta Nadi and the Vedic Nakshatras under this are Dhanishta, Uttara Bhadrapada, Bharani, Purva Ashadha, Anuradha, Mrigashirsha and Bharani Nakshatra.

Nadi dosh meaning

The word ‘dosh’ stands for unluckiness and potential things that bear the capability of causing problems. When the terms, Nadi, and dosh come together, they usually signify the possible imperfection or problem that can occur in the marriage for example unpleasant environment between both partners in a certain relationship. Nadi Maha dosh gives rise to unpleasant problems in the marital relationship of a couple for example absence of attraction or even health problems in most the cases

If you are wondering how to check Nadi dosh, you should stick to the following steps:-

  • Find out your Nadi’s partner.
  • Find your Nadi.
  • Figure out if both the Nadi is the same or different.
  • In case there is the same Nadi, then there is a certain presence of Nadi dosh whereas, in the case of different Nadi, there is no Nadi dosh.

4 Harmful effects of Nadi dosh

Out of the many harmful effects of Nadi dosh, selective dosh are mentioned below:-

  • There are certain changes of problems in conceiving a healthy child.
  • Potential changes of having marital problems are mainly associated with health issues.
  • The matrimonial relationship might tend to end sooner thus tending to be unsuccessful.
  • There are some chances that the couple may face an accident.

Nadi Dosha Cancellation

5 Remedies reducing the effect of Nadi dosh

To attain the right Nadi dosh cancellation, the couple can follow the below-mentioned approach:-

#1 A thorough chanting of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantras

Chanting this is considered very effective for resolving Nadi dosh as it is a strong mantra for Lord Shiva. In the time of devotion, it has to be chanted multiple times so that it can resolve the Nadi dosh.

#2 The right gemstone

Every gemstone comes with a certain cure for a particular problem. With the right stone and yantra, both the partners in the relationship will be able to solve the dosh that might be their Kundli.

#3 Donation of food

As donating food is termed to be a very good and gentle deed, when grains, food, or gold are donated to those in need, it is namely termed as a strong remedy to negate the Nadi dosh.

#4 Puja for Nadi dosh

To tackle the Nadi dosh, a very effective puja is done which is known as Nadi Dosha Nivaran Puja. To successfully perform the puja, it has to be done with both the partners with a pro priest. Consult Astrologers on Astrochat App for Nadi Dosh Puja.

#5 Positive vibes

Keeping a positive mindset is very important and for this one needs to be around positive people as this will further lead to attracting more of the positive things in life. For this, the couple should stay astray of arguments over petty things.

If you are still under confusion regarding Nadio Dosh’s Cancellation, Chat with An Astrologer and Clear the Air.

Nadi dosh Cancellation

For Nadi dosh cancellation, many astrologers believe in the role of thumb. Here, the thumb rule is that any dosh or yoga doesn’t get cancelled they can only be overcome with the help of strong factors. Thus, it can be said that the influence of the dosh is based upon the potential analysis of the precision concerning a certain subject.

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Thus, this is everything that was there to know about Nadi dosh and how one can remedy the error. Now that you have all the information regarding it, you are all set to head to reduce the impact of Nadi dosh and live a happy and successful with your partner.

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