Important Vastu Tips for Students to Score Well in Exam

Being a student can sometimes be burdensome. Every student experience this real world. It takes great hard work and consistency to get great results to fulfill their desires, dreams, future, and hopes. If we are speaking about the exams or results, students need an atmosphere that will support them to express, embrace and enhance their wisdom. According to Vastu, which is an ancient science that offers solutions to every problem. Either it can be a hindrance in the student’s life or any aspect, Vastu has the energy to cure any problem. It helps to remove poverty, reduces conflicts from relationships, removes obstacles, and enhances the standard of life.

As we know as the exam appears, students are stressed and have fear and question, will I pass my exam and score well. Here we help you with some of the important Vastu tips for success in studies and score well in exams.

What are the Vastus Tips to be followed to score high in exams?

  • If the students of mathematics and accounts want to score well, they should sit facing the north direction. This is the best direction to study for competitive exams.
  • The students of architecture and physics should sit facing towards the south.
  • The students of biology and chemistry should sit facing south-east.
  • The students of law, business studies, economics, history, and English should sit facing towards the west.
  • Psychology students should sit facing towards the south-west.
  • Students of geography, home-science should sit facing towards the north-west.

What are the Astrological Remedies to be followed to Enhance focus in students?

It is common if a student experiences issues related to concentration while preparing for the exams. Despite all the study routines, a little knowledge of Vastu tips adds a bonus to both the preparations and the marks of the student.

  • If the student is constantly facing a lack of concentration in their studies, sit back and relax for some time. Then, settle your study material in the north or either west direction. This brings positivity and good vibes around the student and they will never face this issue further.
  • Next, the student should sit to study facing either the east or north direction. This averts distractions.
  • The right choice of color is also essential to increase the concentration power of the student. Always use a green-colored cloth to cover the study table. Green and Blue colors help to increase concentration. These are the best color for study room according to Vastu.
  • For much better results, the study room’s door should be facing in the north-east direction.
  • Keep the student’s chair away from the spotlight. Never allow the student to sit under a lamp for their studies. There should always be a broad and open area that will have big tube lights.
  • As per Vastu experts, the study room of the student should never have mirrors. In case, if there is a mirror, cover it during the night.

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How Does Vastu help to Improve Concentration Power?

  • Never use excess dark or even dull color in the study room. This distracts the mind of the student. Always use bright and cheerful colours like green, blue, pink, white, cream, or light green.
  • The child should always be sitting on a wooden chair when studying. For placing the bookshelf, the east study direction as per vastu is the best and should be kept in front of the study table.
  • The student should always sleep with their head towards the south direction or east and always the north direction should be avoided.
  • It is advisable to keep an aquarium in the northeast direction to give a soothing effect in the atmosphere of the study room.
  • As per the rules of vastu, a small crystal should be kept on the study table, this helps to keep good concentration.

What are the Vastu Tips to keep a Study Room?

  • The study table is always considered to be kept in an open space. This encourages new things in the student’s life. It helps to motivate the student to get new ideas, have a sharp memory and direct approach. The study room should have no door placed behind the student.
  • A soothing and calm picture placed on the wall of the study room soothes the atmosphere and helps to generate good and positive vibes.
  • The study room should always be neat and clean. The study table should never be cluttered with too many pens, books, pencils, or stationary.
  • Vastu especially focuses on the light of the study room. This should be enough bright but also not harsh on the eyes. The study lamp should be placed on the left side. This energizes the concentration power of the student.

Are there any Vastu Tips for Parents to be followed?

  • Yes, parents should never touch anything in private without the student’s consent.
  • Parents should always try to keep their books, study materials arranged.

Wrap UP

Vastu provides scientific explanations that help the students to focus on positive energies. Follow the above guidelines and Vastu tips for students to improve their focus, interest, and memory to work hard and score well in the exams.

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