How to Clear and Remove Vastu Dosh from Home? – Vastu Dosh Remedies

There is one thing in this world that brings a connection between man and nature is Vastu Shastra. There can be a chance of some flaws or deficiencies with the natural elements as well, this is termed as Vastu Dosh. To tackle such Vastu Dosh, people need to follow some Vastu tips that can help in their life to make it more successful. Vastu Dosh can cause bad health and even mental stress; thus, it is important to take the necessary steps and implement the Vastu solutions.

You must be worried about how to remove Vastu dosh from home if you have already constructed your house. This can be a difficult task. The process will be expensive and complicated. There are some remedies for Vastu dosh without destructing anything.

Important Tips to Remove Vastu Dosh from Home

Adjustment of the Mirror:

Proper placement of the mirrors in the house plays an important role in Vastu Shastra. The two main Vastu shastra remedies to remove dosh from the home is never place the mirror opposite the entrance and there should never be a mirror facing the bed.

Arrangement of the Furniture:

Disorientation of the furniture in the home can lead to bad energy flow. Always arrange your furniture that it should form the shape of an octagon or circle.

Wind Chimes:

Are you worried, how to clear Vastu dosh using a wind chime. Yes, because people think that wind chimes are generally used as a decoration or an appealing item of the home. They look beautiful, but at the same time, they attract all the positive energy in your house. Those struggling with Vastu dosh, add wind chimes near your windows.


It is advisable to keep the master bedroom in north east Vastu remedies to attract good vibes. Also, the colors used in the bedroom should be impactful like yellow that will attract positive energy and will bring positive vibes. You can even select blue or green.

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When anyone enters your house, they should be able to see the picture of the God whom you believe. This wall can be the one in front of the main door. Leaving this place empty can bring about financial problems in the house.

Crystal Balls:

According to Vastu Shastra, keeping crystal balls in the house or office can be auspicious. As these are made up of quartz, they look attractive. They absorb all the negative energies and keeps the home bad luck free. For good relationships, keep a pink crystal ball, orange for good finances, red for good luck.

Remove troubles with Camphor crystal:

If you are looking for the best Vastu shastra remedies, place camphor crystals at various places in your home. Those facing big financial problems, keep two camphor crystals. These should be replaced if the old ones shrivel. For more information, you can online chat with astrologer which will give you the solution to all the problems related to Vastu.

Remove Negativity with Sea Salt:

One of the best Vastu tips is to sprinkle sea salt inside and around your home. This helps to get rid of all the negative energy. You can even mix it with water and clean the floor.

Placing a Horseshoe at the Entrance:

It is good to keep a horseshoe nailed at the entrance of your house as it brings wealth and good luck. It attracts all the positive energy, thus placing the horseshoe at the main door is the best place in the house. Never hang the horseshoe in an upside-down direction, this will bring negative energy.

Remove all the broken mirrors:

Throw away all the broken mirrors, clocks, or pots from the house, as these can bring bad luck. If you do not want to face any financial issues or health issues replace all the broken mirrors.

Family Picture:

A family picture placed at the center of the living room keeps everyone safe. This is the most important Vastu solution that everyone should follow. This helps to keep relationships stronger and bonds last forever.


Keep beneficial plants like Tulsi in the northeast area for the betterment of your job and personal life. Ensure that the height of the Tulsi plant does not exceed 2 meters.

Bottom Line

No more to worry about how to remove Vastu dosh from home, follow all the remedies given above and bring prosperity and divinity to your home.

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